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Welcome to 49bc, the single platform that connects buyers and sellers for easy and more efficient transactions. Now available in a private beta for mobile, 49bc unifies and automates mundane and time-consuming tasks. We’ve removed phone calls, inbox clutter and spreadsheets from the process, so you’ll have more time to strategize and focus on the things that let you shine at your job!

Beta program is now open for mobile. Request your invitation today.

advertising automation
Our mission is to give you what you need most: time for yourself and more value for your clients. By centralizing buyers and sellers on one automated unified platform that streamlines packaging, discovery, negotiation, execution and insights, we can make your job easier, so you deliver better results.

It's time to stop the pain in buying and selling advertising
We asked media buyers and sellers about their jobs … we got an earful of frustrations.

What’s causing your pain?... What would you like to see changed?

advertising automation

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advertising automation

In 49B.C., Julius Caesar led his army across the Rubicon, a shallow river that marked the border between the Province of Gaul and Roman Italy. The law of the time prohibited Roman Generals from bringing their armies from the provinces into Italy; doing so was treason. By crossing the Rubicon, Caesar defied the Senate and started a civil war that changed the course of the Roman Empire and the history of Western civilization. As they crossed, Caesar told his troops, "The die is cast," confirming their irrevocable commitment to their course of action. Ever since, "Crossing the Rubicon" has symbolized passing the point of no return.

The die has been cast. The age of advertising automation is upon us.

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